PowerMAX PMBC Series Converters
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Do you REALLY need a new charger? Trying to charge dead batteries will not work!
There has to be a minimum voltage in the batteries or the charger will not work!
Older Lester chargers need about 70% of normal charge
and the newer chargers made beginning in 2004 need to sense only 5 volts
Quick Charge on board chargers need 50%
Quick Charge portables need 10 volts

 NEW SUMMIT II Chargers require 12 volts to work!


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Adjustable knob has been moved internally on the back to prevent breakage.
A clean power supply
for maintaining batteries during service or on the showroom floor.

  • PowerMax PMBC Power Supply/Battery Chargers provide clean and reliable power for charging and maintaining battery state-of-charge during service reflash, complex maintenance, and in the showroom where vehicle demonstrations can require significant power from the battery.
  • Allows for vehicles to be displayed with all electrical features and accessories activated
  • Great for maintaining the battery
  • Provides a constant clean power supply for using scan tools and reprogramming of ECMs without discharging battery
  • Automatically maintains the battery when performing complex mechanical service
  • Advanced switch-mode design
  • Provides a cleaner, more reliable power source than a standard charger
  • Fully regulated DC output prevents overcharging of the battery and provides precise control to maintain the necessary battery voltage during complex service and reflash
  • Quiet, small, and compact for portability
  • Standard 2 Year Warranty
  • Multiple protection features for a long, trouble-free life
  • Reverse battery polarity protection via replaceable fuses
  • Brownout input protection
  • Over-current protection: cycle-by-cycle peak-limiting as well as rated current-limiting to maximize the life of the converter
  • Over-temperature protection
  • High quality, detachable cables for easy field service

PMBC-55, 75, 100 & 120 Specificatons

  • Power Supply Voltage Regulation: 13.6 V
  • Maximum Amps Output at Regulated Voltage: 55-120A
  • On/Off Switch:
  • Removable Cable Set: 6 foot clamp set
Part Description Wt Cost Buy
PMBC-55 55 Amp Charger with On/Off Switch
and Meter and Adjustable Voltage 13 to 16.5
7 $258.95
PMBC-75 75 Amp Charger with On/Off Switch
and Meter and Adjustable Voltage 13 to 16.5
9 $288.95
PMBC-100 100 Amp Charger with On/Off Switch
and Meter and Adjustable Voltage 13 to 16.5
11 $339.95
PMBC-120 120 Amp Charger with On/Off Switch
and Meter and Adjustable Voltage 13 to 16.5
11 $379.99


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