Quick Charge Multi-Bank Chargers
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Do YOU Really need a new charger?  Trying to charge dead batteries will not work!
There has to be a minimum voltage in the batteries or the charger will not work!
Older Lester chargers need about 70% of normal charge
 and the newer chargers made beginning in 2004 need to sense only 5 volts
For the Quick Chargers - on boards 50% - 10 volts on the portables!
For the NEW SUMMIT II Charger - they require 12 volts to work!

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Battery distributors, warehouses, fleet operators, EV's, RV's, Marine


Not series, or parallel charging. Multi Bank chargers are independent
isolated circuits that charge multiple batteries individually.
Never any over or undercharging. Each circuit has it's own LED to monitor

progress. Simply the best way to charge groups of batteries even if
operated in a series or parallel configuration.


MB Models            


(2) - (3) - (4) 12 volt 10 amp circuits               





      (6) 12 volt 10 amp circuits               (12) 12 volt 10 amp circuits


These chargers can be mounted on board equipment, or  mounted on a shelf or wall. No need for factory programming, each circuit is  user programmable via internal dip switch to charge deep cycle wet cells, starting wet cells, gels, AGM's, and lithium Ion. Each circuit is current limited, and polarity protected. As an example, they can be connected to each battery of an electric vehicle, and since each battery is charged independent of the other, battery life can increase by at least 25% over a conventional series charger. In another example, you could attach multiple modules to one or more batteries to increase the charge rate in 10 amp multiples.


Because of it's modular construction, and non-sealed enclosure, modules can easily be replaced in the field. Unlike other sealed multi bank brands, no need to shut the whole charger down and ship it back for repair.


6 ft AC and DC leads.  Leads can be customized   
    Warranty is 3 years
Made in U.S.A.

Model DC
H.D.W. in.
@ 20 Hr.rate
MB1210x2 12 20 117v 60hz.
3 amps
5.5 x 8 x  8 12 50-150 Amp Hour $222.99 plus $14.99 shipping
MB1210x3 12 30 117v 60hz.
4.5 amps
5.5 x 8 x 11.75 18 50-150 Amp Hour $320.99 plus $16.99 shipping
5 amps per
12 20 117v 60hz.
3.0 amps
5.5 x 8 x  14 24 50-150 Amp Hour $423.99 plus $26.99 shipping 432
MB1210x4 12 40 117v 60hz.
5.5 amps
5.5 x 8 x  14 24 50-150 Amp Hour $423.99 plus $26.99 shipping
MB1210x6 12 60 117v 60hz.
9 amps
5.5 x 8 x  21.5 36 50-150 Amp Hour $643.99 plus $34.99 shipping
MB1210x8 12 80 117v 60hz.
12 amps
5.5 x 11 x  21.5 48 50-150 Amp Hour $929.99 plus $39.99 shipping
MB1210x10 12 100 117v 60hz.
15 amps
5.5 x 13.75 x  21.5 61 50-150 Amp Hour $1145.99 plus $49.99 shipping
MB1210x12 12 120 117v 60hz.
17 amps
5.5 x 13.75 x  21.5 73 50-150 Amp Hour $1342.99 plus $59.99

All models available in230v 50 Hz.  Models MBXU

PDF Operating Instructions

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